Staff and SPA Training

On Friday with the Falkirk Community Trust staff team I climbed at Craig More Crag near Crieff. The crag was dry and we had a great time at this pleasant venue.

This weekend I have been running an SPA Training course on behalf of EICA Ratho. Yesterday, we visited Rosyth Quarry in the torrential rain showers and today we climbed at The Hawcraig (Aberdour). Both venues dried quickly when the rain stopped and have very little seepage to worry about.

Craig climbing 'Pond Life'.

Craig climbing ‘Pond Life’.

Craig More (Crieff)

Martin and I visited Craig More near Crieff today. This pleasant little crag provides nice trad routes from HS to E2. We climbed on the west wall. Currently it would be unadvisable to climb on the east wall as there are birds nesting.

Martin leading Pond Life.

Martin leading Pond Life.