Coasteering and Elie Chainwalk

Out with John, Mike and Craig coasteering and doing sections of the Elie Chainwalk today. It was the last day of four with groups from George Heriot’s School doing a variety of activities. Another good day with the groups engaging well and getting a lot out of the session. Thanks to Alex and Mike for their organisation, which helped make the days run smoothly.

A photo of coasteering at Elie on a different day. The swell was considerably bigger today.

Loch Ard and Elie Coasteering

The last couple of days I’ve been working with Steve on the Falkirk Community Trust Outdoors excellent Kids Summer Programme. Wednesday we were canoeing in Loch Ard in The Trossachs, today we were coasteering near Elie in Fife. Two great, fun days in superb summer conditions.

Canoeing in Loch Ard.


Fun day today coasteering near Elie in Fife with Mike, Craig and David from Falkirk Community Trust Outdoors and an enthusiastic school group. Lots of jumps, swims and generally messing around in the swell. A good activity on a rainy day.

Taking the plunge.

Coasteerring, Climbing and Bonfires on the Beach

This week I have been out with my nephews coasteering at Elie, climbing at Blackford and toasting marshmallows on the edge of the Forth. It was great to get the boys outdoors and enjoying some activities.

Bonfire on the beach.

Bonfire on the beach.

Coasteering and Navigation

Yesterday I was working with Mike for Falkirk Community Trust during the day coasteering at Elie in Fife with an excellent group from Grangemouth High School. In the evening I then met up with Alan at the Braeval car park near Aberfoyle and headed up in to the Menteith Hills for a bit of micro-nav practice. It was a very wet evening there and the low cloud made for very poor visibility, which was great for what we needed.