Great Mountaineering with Andrew, Nigel and Frost Guiding

Andrew, Nigel and I have just had a great weeks mountaineering with We completed the following routes, days and summits;

  • Traverse of the Aiguille d’Entreves (3600m).
  • Aiguille Marbres (3535m).
  • Traverse of Le Petit Flambeau (3440m).
  • Traverse of Aiguille Crochues (2840m).
  • Rock climbing at Bramois.
  • Traverse of Breithorn East (4139m) and West (4165m) from Col 4022m.
  • Pollux (4092m).

There are many more photos on the facebook page.

The snowy section of the Breithorn traverse.

The snowy section of the Breithorn traverse.

Alpine Mountaineering with Frost Guiding

Sharna, Pok and I have been out this week with On Sunday we completed an Ecole de Glace session before continuing to the Moiry Hut where we spent two nights.

The weather was excellent on Monday so we traversed the Pointe de Mourti (3564m) and the Dent de Rosses (3613m). The conditions on the traverse and on the glacier were excellent. After overnighting the second night at the hut we traversed the Couronne de Breona (3159m) which is a brilliant rock ridge that leads back towards the car park. The heavy rain on Monday night made the condition’s more challenging but we still made the car park before Tuesdays afternoon rain started.

On Wednesday we climbed at Bramois and looked at rescue techniques before walking to the DIx Hut on Thursday. We completed the traverse of Pointe 2943m on the way to the Dix. This is a lovely little rock ridge which is climbed on mostly perfect rock.

To complete the week we climbed Pigne d’Arolla (3796m). There are a good number more crevasses now than when I was there 3 weeks ago. It may be worth chatting to the guardian about the best line on the lower glacier.

The summit of the Pigne.

The summit of the Pigne.

Beautiful sunrise from the Pigne.

Beautiful sunrise from the Pigne.

Mountaineering with Adam, Greg and Frost Guiding

It has been another productive week in the Alps. This week I was out with Adam and Greg on behalf of

We began our week with a Ecole de Glace session on the Ferpecle Glacier before going to the Cabane Bertol on Monday and climbing the Clocher de Bertol. The next day we made the ascent of the Tete Blanche (3710m) which was in good condition.

The weather was poor on Wednesday but we still managed to climb the excellent Arete Sud at Bramois before the rain began. In the afternoon we completed the Via Ferrata at Nax.

On Thursday we made the ascent to the Cabane d’Orny before climbing the Aiguille de la Cabane (2999m) via the Voie Bon Accueil. This gave an excellent rock route on perfect granite.

Yesterday morning we climbed the Aiguille du Tour (3540m) before descending to the valley. The mountain was in good condition.

On the ascent of Tete Blanche with the Matterhorn behind.

On the ascent of Tete Blanche with the Matterhorn behind.



Bramois, Aiguille d’Entreves, Le Petit Flambeau

Matt enjoying the Aiguille d'Entreves.

Matt enjoying the Aiguille d’Entreves.

Approaching Le Petit Flambeau. The pinnale is La Vierge.

Approaching Le Petit Flambeau. The pinnacle is La Vierge.

It has been a busy few days out hear in the Alps. On Thursday and Friday I was at the Bramois crags near Sion. We climbed a mixture of single pitch and multi pitch routes such as the classic ‘Arete Sud’. The multi pitch routes are bolted but feel a bit like climbing on Gogarth. The rock has a similar texture and the quality varies in the same way. The single pitch routes tend to be on good solid rock.

After a days road cycling yesterday I was back out on the hill today above Courmayeur. Matt and I used uplift to gain the Vallee Blanche before traversing the Aiguille d’Entreves and Le Petit Flambeau. Both routes were in good condition. The rock was dry on both routes and the Arete on Le Petit Flambeau was good snow rather than old glacial ice.