North Wales Weekend

Over the weekend the ClimbNow team had a meet up with some old friends in North Wales. On Saturday Euan and Paul visited Craig LLoer with Tina, Scott and Steve, whilst Andy, Rob and I climbed the Cneifon Arete before dropping down to climb on Clogwyn y Tarw.

Steve at Craig Lloer.

Rob and Andy on Cneifon.

Rob and Andy above Gully and Slab on Clogwyn y Tarw.

On Sunday there was an early morning ascent of Lighthouse Arete on Castell Helen for Tina, Scott, Steve, Euan and Paul followed by a visit to the very hot Holyhead Mountain where they caught up with Andy, Rob and I who’d started there in the morning.

After abseiling in to Lighthouse Arete.

Scott enjoying Lighthouse Arete.

Tina smiling on Lighthouse Arete.

Andy in the sun on Holyhead Mountain.

Monday saw a half day of climbing for the ClimbNow team at Penmaen Head before Euan and I headed north.

Euan questing upwards on Penmaen Head.

Paul leading at Penmaen Head.


Bomber Harris leading Breaking the Barrier

Brugh, Bomber and I have been at Gogarth today. We climbed at Holyhead Mountain and Castell Helen. Routes climbed included Hat, Rock and Ice, D’Elephant, Breaking the Barrier and Lighthouse Arete. We did not see any other climbers but did spot one group practising Mountain Leader ropewrok.