Local Bouldering

The recent drier weather has allowed us to get out to some local bouldering venues to try and get finger strength and movement going. Some of the venues are well known, others are a bit more obscure.

Euan at Agassiz Rock.
Mick indulging in some urban bouldering.
Pamela at Hound Point.

Hound Point

Pamela and I met for some local bouldering at Hound Point on Friday. It’s not extensive, but with a bit of imagination can provide some fun problems in a pleasant setting. The landings on the main area are generally flat and sandy, but it’s worth having something to get the sand off your shoes before starting a problem. Unfortunately, it’s also worth watching out for broken glass on holds and particularly the top. Wilf.

Pamela bouldering at Hound Point.
Me making a long reach.

Not a bad view.

Local Hills, Bouldering and Climbing

Over the last week we’ve managed some good local hill walking, bouldering and climbing culminating in a visit to North Berwick Law today. The crag was busy, for North Berwick Law, but everyone was friendly and sensible given the current situation.

Euan leading Law of Gravity. Photo credit: I. McCourt.
Euan higher on Law of Gravity. Photo credit: I. McCourt.
The view from Hound Point bouldering.
Dramatic skies over the Forth Valley.

Hound Point

Nice bouldering session yesterday at Hound Point (Dalmeny Estate). Although not extensive, with a little imagination some good problems Can be found.