Local Crags

The start of June has seen us mostly at local crags either with clients; personal climbing or delivering Rock Climbing Instructor training.

Paul enjoying an early morning climb at Rosyth Quarry with Euan.
Rock Climbing Instructor Training in the sun.
Ivor emerging in to the sun at Limekilns.
Views of Edinburgh from navigation courses in the Pentlands.
Nettle bouldering at Cairney Hill Quarry.
Me topping out on a highball boulder problem at Cairney Hill Quarry.
Pamela on Lightening Never Strikes Twice at Cloon Craig in The Borders.

RCI Assessment

RCI assessment last couple of days. It was a bit damp at Blackford and Rosyth!

Staff and SPA Training

On Friday with the Falkirk Community Trust staff team I climbed at Craig More Crag near Crieff. The crag was dry and we had a great time at this pleasant venue.

This weekend I have been running an SPA Training course on behalf of EICA Ratho. Yesterday, we visited Rosyth Quarry in the torrential rain showers and today we climbed at The Hawcraig (Aberdour). Both venues dried quickly when the rain stopped and have very little seepage to worry about.

Craig climbing 'Pond Life'.

Craig climbing ‘Pond Life’.

Rosyth Quarry

I was out today with Bob at Rosyth Quarry looking at leading on rock. The venue worked well as although we had a couple of quick showers the rock dries quickly and we were able to climb all day.

Bob leading The Sickle with a "ghost" rope.

Bob leading The Sickle with a “ghost” rope.

SPA Training

For the past three days I have been course directing an SPA training course for EICA Ratho. As well as climbing at Ratho, we visited Aberdour, Rosyth Quarry and Blackford Quarry. Despite the mixed forecast we managed to get lots of climbing done at these three quick drying venues.

Andy leading at Aberdour.

Andy leading at Aberdour.


Aberdour and Rosyth

Amy, Dawn and I have been out in Fife today climbing at Aberdour (The Hawcraig) and Rosyth. We spent the day looking at the skills required to lead traditional rock climbs.

The weather was perfect and both of the crags were perfectly dry. Aberdour was a popular choice today with lots of other climbers around.

Amy leading at Rosyth.

Amy leading at Rosyth.


Dawn climbing at Aberdour.

Rosyth Quarry

Out climbing today at Rosyth Quarry for Falkirk Community Trust with an excellent group from the Antonine Primary School, Bonnybridge.

The approach is a bit muddy at the moment, but the rock was dry and we had just the odd very light shower. The rock dried quickly in the fresh wind. One other party in the quarry making use of the dry rock and sheltered nature of the crag and getting plenty of routes climbed.


Last week I was running an SPA course. We spent the third day of the course at Rosyth Quarry. This quarry is a good choice at this time of year as it is sheltered and dries quickly after rain. It can be climbed on throughout the whole winter.

Seb climbing at Rosyth.

Seb climbing at Rosyth.

Rosyth Quarry

Alec and Finlay from Falkirk Community Trust and I were out today looking at leading outside on trad gear.

Finlay looking at building belays.

Finlay looking at building belays.

We headed to Rosyth Quarry, which was sunny and sheltered most of the day and had a good time looking at gear placement and building belays, whilst climbing number of routes. We finished with Finlay and Alec leading Sickle and Chemical Warfare with me jugging alongside.

Benny Beg and Rosyth Quarry

On Monday a group from The City of Edinburgh Council and I were out at Benny Beg, a good little bolted crag near Crieff with a nice bouldering/traversing area. The crag was busy with several groups and some teams personal climbing, so I was glad I’d taken rigging ropes and was able to set up some of the lines that aren’t bolted.

Today I was out with another group from the City of Edinburgh Council. This time we were at Rosyth with Roz who was doing some shadowing ahead of an SPA Assesment.

Both crags were dry with some sunshine and climbing conditions were excellent.