Craigpark Quarry

Recently Martin and I went to Craigpark Quarry near Ratho. 4 of the 6 sport routes were clean and good fun.


Yesterday Pamela and I headed up to Kirriemuir to avoid the rain and had a very pleasant day sport climbing.

Old photo of me sport climbing at Kirriehill as I forgot the camera yesterday.

Rob’s Reed

Euan, Ivor and I were back at Rob’s Reed near Forfar again today. Temperatures were quite cool and the forecast sun never quite appeared, but there was still plenty to do at this good sandstone conglomerate sports crag.

Euan leading the aptly named “Welcome to the Big Pocket” with Ivor belaying.

Rob’s Reed

Euan, Ivor and I were out sport climbing at Rob’s Reed near Forfar today. The majority of the routes were dry and the friction was good in the cold temperatures, although a warm-up was definitely worthwhile for the often fingery and technical routes. It was great to be able to get out on rock at this time of year.

Ivor looking very comfortable leading “Horny Deer?” as a warm-up.

Kirrie Hill

Euan, Ivor and I are trying to keep training/climbing going as much as possible during the autumn to get us strong for the winter season. Yesterday the weather dictated training inside at Alien Rock, however today we headed outside to Kirrie Hill at Kirriemuir. The crag was dry and we had a good few hours climbing routes that were nearly all new lines for us.

Euan onsighting the very good “Ginger’s Jewels”.

Elephant Rock

Euan, Ivor and I had a pleasant day climbing at Elephant Rock today. This is a good sea-cliff sport climbing venue south of Montrose with routes up to 20m in height. It’s semi-tidal, which needs to be considered if you’re looking to climb some of the routes, and East facing, so catches the sun in the morning and is well sheltered from westerly winds.

Nettle high on “Tale of the Tape”.

We climbed a number of routes with the best probably being the four star “Tale of the Tape”.

Kirrie Hill

Euan, Ivor, Nettle and I climbed at Kirrie Hill, Kirriemuir, today. The crag was a little wet in places and the atmosphere was very humid, which didn’t make for the best climbing conditions. However, we were able to climb a number of routes and work on some projects.

Nettle working “Touch Too Much” on a top rope.

Kirrie Hill

Jen and I visited Katie, Izzy, Kofi and Eva in the Angus Glens today and had a delightful few hours taking the kids climbing at Kirrie Hill, Kirriemuir.

Izzy at the top of the first route with Eva, Kofi and myself down on the ground.

The crag was dry and there were quite a few teams climbing, but there was plenty of space for everyone and a very friendly atmosphere. I’ll put more photos on the ClimbNow Facebook page.

Kirrie Hill

Euan, Ivor and I had a good day sport climbing at Kirriemuir today. The crag was dry when we arrived, but there were showers from early afternoon. However, the nature of the crag meant that many of the routes stayed dry and we were able to climb for a further two hours.

Euan onsighting “Where There’s Muck, There’s Brass”.

Ratho Quarry

Ivor and I were looking for somewhere quick drying to go climbing today after last night’s rain and opted for Ratho Quarry, as it had the option of heading inside if the rock wasn’t dry.

Ivor seconding the fine arête of Slow Strain.

However, the rock stayed dry and we were able to climb some of the sports routes in the quarry in sunshine with occasional cloud.